To clean or not clean your home when you show and sell it….  As I have learned throughout the years with my real estate business and every day life, everyone has a different opinion of what a “clean” house consists of.  I have shown houses that we have had to step over items on the floor to make it from room to room and have even found a snake or two IN THE HOUSE!!!  On the other end of the spectrum, the seller makes sure to vacuum just one more time before a showing so the lines are present.  We have hoarders and we have borderline OCD.  Is there a happy place in the middle?


Once a property has an offer on it and the showings are over, moving out and leaving the property in good condition for the next owner is often where the question arises: How clean should the property be?  Normally, it is not written in the contract exactly what needs to be cleaned other than the property must remain in good condition up until closing.  


It is expected that a home should at least be “broom cleaned” and all personal property should be removed unless it was written into the contract.  Broom cleaned includes disposing of any trash and vacuuming/sweeping the floors.  It does not include waxing the floors or wiping out cabinets.  Broom cleaned assumes the new owner will deep clean the property prior to moving in.


Another option would be to have the house professionally cleaned.  The cost for this can be negotiated between buyer and seller.


At this time, I have not found any legal wording to cover how clean a house should be when it transfers from one owner to another.  If you have an opinion, remember to put it in the contract.  I have included some very good articles in this eNewsletter for more information on the subject.


Happy fall y’all!!!