TECHNOLOGY….  The last couple of weeks a class titled “How Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business” has turned up in my email and as a flyer on my desk.  I think it’s calling my name!!  The topics being discussed include computer viruses, securing data, copyright infringment, online etiquette, keeping your devices safe, and more.  These are very important topics in today’s world, but I’m going to stray from the actual subject a bit and discuss how far are we willing to go with technology in real estate.


The last few years I have prided myself in updating technology throughout the Granneman Agency Real Estate Department.  We implemented a new website four years ago.  What you don’t see as a front end user, when I put listings into this website it automatically feeds to many other websites including, trulia, and zillow.  Your house is advertised everywhere that potential buyers are looking!!!  In addition, on our website you can sign up to be informed when we get new listings.  Admittedly so, Granneman Agency Realtors and many other Realtors in the area are not a part of a multiple listing service, but with technology, our listings are available in many of the same places that MLS listings are viewed.  


Furthermore, I send out eNewsletters to over 350 people each month.  The eNewsletter includes all of my listings, area information, and real estate insights from me.  


And one of our biggest technological advances in recent years is the ability to electronically sign paperwork.  Not only does this save a lot of paper, but it also saves a lot of time.  All you need to be able to sign is an email address.  The computer will let you sign your name with the mouse, on a touch screen, or pick out a font that you want.  I have had people of all ages that live near and far sign documents with their computer or smart phone!!!


I’m not complaining at all about these technological advances because they have made my business much more user friendly and I really enjoy them.  But what do you think will be the next big advance or will a sign in the yard prove to be the best type of advertisement?