GERMANFEST 2017 - JULY 7-9!!

As one of the biggest weekends in Syracuse approaches, I feel fortunate to live here.  We might not make it on any top ten lists, but that helps us keep our location a secret amoungst us.  Of course, life is what you make of it, but I really prefer the lack of stop lights, the laid back kind of atmosphere we have around here, and fun weekends like Germanfest.

When people show interest in moving to the area, I let them know that we are fortunate enough to have just about everything a person needs:  grocery, restaurants, medical services, recreation, good schools, great real estate agents, and the list goes on.

That brings me to the listing I have on this building:

This building needs a new tenant!!  Have you been thinking about opening your own business or moving to a new location?  If so, this place could be the place for you!!!  Do you have any ideas of what business you think would be great here?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!!!